i have a great friend who always gives some power to me n let me recognize who i am.

this friend is MeccaGodZilla. 
we met a bar in NY through my friend.

he found my beat making skill coz i have not had any confidence for my beats till i met him even i did my best everytime for making.

actually its so hard to introduce myself as a beat maker while ive lived in ny 
coz im not look like beat maker??? 
sometime ppl dont trust me that im a beat maker...just a girl...

in the early life in ny is like that…

but Mecca is different. he made me trust my beat making skill when i let him hear my beat.
this is the big point.
i got confidence by his some words. dont know why his words is so strong n trustable.

i asked him a lot about music business like copyright,publishing while ive worked other rappers in ny
coz i really dont know about it n couldnt trust the rapper lol 
so i asked him a lot.
he helped me a lot.

he has lived in Tokyo after i moved back from ny to tokyo.

he asked me “can u make beats like ・・・” its like executive producer :) 

i have not had job n not started @djtomoko n Ucca-Laugh then
so i made some beats for him.

this is the one “ALL LOVE” great memory…
me n Ucca r look soooooo young even around 3years ago lol

we love all ppl who come up this video<3

Mecca has lots of friends here in Tokyo n also NY.
you gotta know his personality n  how he is activist :)

i really respect him.

this no future,this no past, its only right now by MeccaGodZilla

love that.


whats next??

have u checked our music video????

guess whats next…



Free DL!! available till November 30th!!!

go to our website→http://www.tomoucca.com/
MJ n DAY did great work!!!! big thanks for it!!!
wanna perform together one day:)

we have been making new songs for next EP.

i really dont want betray your expectations. 

i can say “our music will keep evolving”

wont stop



we had show last nite.
its for promoting our new EP coz will out next Wed!

from Kiwamu Omae instagram

yeah its really nice party but wanna talk bout only our show honestly.

we could hav not imaged how ppl gonna react coz nobody knows our new songs.
and its the first time to perform slow song in nite club.
the song is #5 Dear my Fear.
theme is“fear”so totally not for nite club but we hav thought we gotta do n tell our ppl how we have felt for last 10months. the song i really want u guys to listen n understand. Mecca helped us for english line as usual;)

beautiful song n so many massage.the first thing i love the song;)
moreover i have one thing i regret for the song but i dont mention now.
i may can talk about it in 1year.


wanna talk about the show.

i think it was BAD show for us rather than not perfect show.
our music fans r really enjoyed n i understand coz we have performed all new songs.
the point is sound.
cant hear monitor,mic is not clear, stage lightning…actually a lot.
this position is make us look good as u can c the pics↑
but its bad for performing artist.
the nite club has 3 positions we can perform n have done 2 other positions before so we have done all positions.
we could learn which position is the best for a show.


learning learning every time learning !!!

for next show!!!

i wanna thank to everyone who always support us.
our music fan is real music fan i think n im so proud of it.

time to check our songs ;p

dont forget


 on iTunes!!


behind the scenes

hav u seen our art work yet???

we really love this cover coz u mite wanna c it when u c this on iTunes!!

tomoko + Ucca = tomouccako lol 

find it on Sep 26th!!!
of course , ppl who live outside of japan can get as well.



anyone can get for me??? lol

adidas Originals ×  OPENING CEREMONY

sorry half joke n half serious ;P

new artist pic

behind the scenes

always have great time even tho we gotta make serious face:)

cant use artist photo but i like

heavy makeup this time!!make me cooler !haha

photo by Kazufumi Mitsutome

makeup by Aya Miyashita



i recognized i really love summer so dont want it over...

my summer is like only studio or music things for recent


this year is different

i think my summer is from now ;p hehe

TOKYO has a lot of looks …
didnt know even i was born n grew up in tokyo.

these girls r soooo talented!!!!


actually MCLadyCat was there too.

fireworks in tokyo bay;)

me n Ucca r geek of YUKATA coz cant count how many yukata ive ever got lol
i can say Ucca is queen of YUKATA.

Recording done anyway:)


for the New day

i got my hair colored ;)

“gradation color” 
its coloring the hair from light to dark. 

tips of hair dyed is popular recently i think...
but my bright part is lil bigger like three quarters for my hair length.

thanks KAYO!! i really love it;)

ive chilled wit my girl AYA n took these pics after meeting.

she is also our hair makeup artist. 




we will meet HARD day but will do for the NEW day!!! 

cant believe its in Harajuku

toooooo nice
 had great relaxing time




me n ucca hav been making our next album for 6months…

u think its long??or only 6 month yet???

honest wit only u guys who check my blog.

our album is supposed to b released in July

ummmm..? oh still May lol

ill explain the flow of releasing

like this↓

meeting in March → release in July
meeting in April → release in August
meeting in May → release in September
meeting in June → release in October

big meeting is 4month before of release month

so it takes 4months to complete.

i dont know bout other major label but its normal??

back to our situation..

we should hav made BOMB song till first week of March if we wanna release in July.

actually so many good songs we made!!!! i think we did.


label told us

"making one BOMB song is better than making lots of good songs.
its the smartest way of leading to promote."

so planning has changed.

i heard that CD really dont sale in August.
(the case is only japan?? coz of vacation in summer called Obon???)

we really didnt care about meeting in April.lol

then we kept making songs again.

we have tried to make BOMB song soooo hard till the meeting in May coz wanna release in Sep.

but we couldnt the one our AnR think BOMB even if we think its BOMB.

my heart was full of stress..

i hav thought that he mite not say “YES” if we made 100 songs..

he asks too much like

no sampling,
make eroticism song,
not too new,
tomoucca way,


sometime doesnt make sense..


my friend who used to b a major artist email me

“u guys r sooo free more than other major artist coz so hard n so tied while i hav contract.u n ucca hav ability to make BOMB!! thats why ur AnR ask u guys."

i realized again

yes we r soooo freedom n our AnR is asking normal..


we talked to him

“so how about releasing in October??"

next BIG meeting is June 6..

i hope its going well

good luck to us;)



we hav lots of things to think about our ustream show since our show renewed .

our show is produced by me n Ucca as u know.

like organizing,editing a movie,setting up equipment and fashion...


actually we need help but we really enjoy it.

my girl Aya hav been helping us for hair make n choosing uniform from the last time.

we met her through our AnR when we shot music video.
then we became close friend coz we hav so many common i think;)

what i like her is...
she let us recognize who we r!!
its not only fashion but also what we want to be as an artist.


today i wanna talk bout followers!!

everyone mite do twitter,instagram…whatever…

ive been thinking it doesnt matter how much followers we hav.

how connect wit followers n artist.


followers of me n ucca r not big…



artist who hav over 10000 followers always get iTunes hiphop top10 chart??


artist who hav over 10000 followers always get 5000 total viewers on ustream??


only 20% or 30% of the followers r real fan of the artist????

i sometime check itunes top chart for japan but i always wonder it.

we have only around 1800 followers so far

but we r so close to our followers so we could get top chart n viewers r getting big on ustream.

i think 90% of our followers r real friends n our music fan;)

thats happy for us!!!!

u know 

Hirano who is one of pioneer for social media like Ustream n Twitter in Japan
called that “Love level”

so i can say 
“love level between tomoucca n our followers is high"

i will try to get real follower lil by lil ;p




Golden Week was just over yesterday…

G.W. is like long vacation that come every May in JP 

but i dont like GW 

ummmmm i hate that coz nothing special for a few years…lol


but me n ucca had great GW though it was like usual weekend;)

actually Kalae All Day made supper happy GW for us!!!!

↓she made these accessories!!! thats real cassette tape!!!

u wanna know who she is ????

she is talented rapper,singer n soooooo lady<3 haha

i like we do girls talk ;) 
coz can b close fried if i talk love thing wit foreign friend!!!

me n Ucca love her personality a lot coz of nature smile n RALLY GIRL!!!!

girls talk has no border!!! hehe

we introduce her to everyone last nite on Ustream show!!

Video streaming by Ustream

check from 01:02:15
u will know how Kalae is cute!!!!!!!

last nite 
Unique Viewers was: 2,760
Total Views: 7,432

amazing!!!!! keep checking our show;)


have u checked Harakiri Magazine ????

its the first interview in spanish n 6 PAGES!!!! 

my japanese friend were sooooooo surprised about it!!!!

really appreciate it

thanks Miguel n SayPhhat!!!!



just wanna c the movie↓

theatre in june.not japan…:(

japanese heads must b interested in this!!

teacher did free style from 02:14↑

“Im not BET or MTV. Im  H I P H O P “ 


its so simple but kris is the only man can say the word ;P


positive girl

i talked wit my girl in ny by skype last nite.

she got artist visa. i think last year?

soooo powerful woman n always make me positive.


there r lots of FAMOUS people who r close to her…cant tell;p haha
i bet she has some strong energy for it.

what we talked last nite is…music,love,life in the future,,,,

same as usual lol


she wakes me up!!!!!

i mean i need to talk wit person who has exactly what they wanna b,what they wanna do..

especially hustle in other countries

i recognized my thinking is so smaller than her thinking.

i used to be like her person but now my mind is getting domestic.

she said“always imagine what u wanna, judge the rite thing n stay positive”

thats soooooo simple but i totally forgot it…

“then people around u”she said…

ive given up like judging negative way easily before i start to do recently.

she let me know the smart way of judging ;)

in the case of her,
sooo many ppl who help,famous artists around her so i think thats the way i gotta do!

she n friends in NY advise me about my dream from big view point

thats why i wake up everytime i talk!!! i dont give a f*ck for small thing ;)

thanks thanks thanks a lot!!!!!

this is beer i miss…called “gangster juice” LMAO  
my friends call so lol
coz so cheap like $2.5 even 40fl oz(1.5L?),8% alcohol n hard to find it in the city lol




i saw the pic on FB.

dancing has changed like that but japanese style is still 80’i think↑lol

dancing situation is really really important for me like sleeping situation lmao

no joke no joke

attractive n sexy guy for me is good at moving to music.

moving is sooooo important ;)

im not talkin bout technique..

u can c real Tomoko in the US;) i move a lot!!!!

can u guess hows gonna change dancing style in future??

everyone mite b naked in 20 or 30 years ??? LMAO


born day of Ucca-Laugh

Happy Birthday my funny n crazy n sleepy girl Ucca-Laugh!!!!!!

ucca is my business partner also really close friend like real sister;)


she was like a sticker when i met her two years ago lol
u know what ???

she has called me n text me a lot n spent half a year to work wit me even ive not replay much.

i just wanted to do what i gotta do so ive not care what she said,what she want.
not felt her anything cuz she was like just party girl n just followed me lol



she didnt give me up n just followed me like sticker.

she used to b “Ucca-Sticker” lmao


i moved when she got angry first time.
i thought
"WOW where the STRONG power come from???
so scary but she has something.”

actually i was so excited then

i could know if i can keep the relationship when i argue the first time.
no matter who boy or girl.


i dont know how many times we argued lol

its a proof we really close.

i feel she is soooo tough and her mind is flexible.thats positive mean.


she has strong heart more than me.

i think im sensitive n fragile more than her. i realized that recently:)

she will b gooooooood mam in the future:p

the most Ucca-Laugh thing is(←i dont even know that mean lol)

her laughing makes everyone happy!!!!!
make u happy!!!!!
make me happy!!!!!

i wanna say 

HAPPY BIRTH DAY to Ucca-Laugh 

by big voice


last year

i couldnt celebrate her birthday loudly coz of 3.11 big earthquake

Tokyo was not in the mood for celebrating some…

stop shaking earth!!! Japan:(!!!! u did today too!!!!!

Ucca gonna get angry again LMAO

everyone wanna celebrate her birthday rite???

come to Shibuya microcosmos 3.24:p we hav show!!!!yay!!!

↓this is made by waveform.
i just came up the idea coz always face the display lol


feel long

i have had problem since this year…

u know it if u read the blog cuz i mentioned jus lil.

i have yelled a lot on facebook…sorry for making u worry


last nite fixed everything.

it took like a few month but i felt loooong coz really painful…

painful days feel long

i could learn a lot from the issue.

my thinkin is

ppl can change no matter the person did wrong thing

everyone has great heart even if its not appear for their face cuz of human

so ive tried to work out by heart to heart not ask lawyer

i will think the person is not human if its not work out.

oh i gotta stop writing about it…

finally i could know the persons real mind


now im soooooooooo genki;)

wanna make strong beats but this week is ballad week. omg lol

im real tomoko now!!!!!!


music i wanna make is...

hello hello hello~~~

1week no post
i sometimes dont let u guys know "new post”on FB  like the last post 
so check it whenever u can.
i post at my pace like once a week:P


Green Street mentioned us for their interview!!!

some  of our music fan ask me about Green Street when they came to Tokyo!

they r picked XXL magazine so gettin famous for the scene:)

plz check them!!!!


my boy Emjae also introduced us to everyone for his website!!!!

he is so professional n has great heart!!!!
 connect wit lots of big artist!!!

thanks a lot!!!!! we love you guys!!!!!!!

☆new info☆

finally people who live out of japan can get our album on itunes from 2.22!!!
plz spread ur friends;)

me n ucca have been making music a lot.
its like 3songs a week.
sometime cant make music what we image.
we r not music making machine so always hard more than u guys think.

music is like gift…
i mean
i cant make good one even if i take loooong time.
also the track gonna be garbage if i try when im not in a mood for makin music…


i know i gotta out if i cant focus. 
we need party lol yay!!! 
so plz let me know if u know some good party in Tokyo:)

i lack of meeting ppl recently...i think.
ppl give us good energy 


music i really wanna make is sampling music…
i talk about only technical part.lol sorry

u guys already know we have been working wit major label.
my A&R told me its hard to clear sample source.
label ppl gonna say ok if i chopped a lot n nobody realized that i sample.


my opinion is..

its not cool chopping the sample a lot.
thats only my opinion.

thats ok if its remix thing but basically i cant say thats cool.

thats why i always look for good phrase from many music.

synth beat is cool as well.
i love soooooo much synth sound coz i can feel tite n stay aggressive.

sampling music is warmer so i can listen for good♪

what type of music u wanna make? or listen??


rite thing

ive done the rite thing!!!!

i could know that today.


im 100% rite n my ppl understand my situation so i feel better than b4!!!

lots of small lie make big lie then u cant sop lying


justice will come out soon

someone say on twitter b4

mite be

DJ Scratch ...

he say

“the best revenge is success “

thats sooooooo true!!!!!!!

i will !!!!!!

i can do it!!!!!!!

c what i gonna do!!!

c what i gonna b!!!!!



im back!!!!

the last post is like real my mind…

i just wanna say thanks to my friends who comment,worry me,call me n text me...

it mite take time to fix my issue so now its time to focus on music.

Dont cry tomoko!!!!!!no more!!!!!cant stop.


i have strong,funny n crazy partner;)

thats why

i believe that i can overcome everything wit my SUPER partner!!!!

im not gonna tell who is…hehe

but u know what i wanna say??

i have lots of friends who can enjoy wit
person who can be wit me n talk to me when i feel sad n bad is a really close partner who i can rely on.

i think…

u have good partner????


have u seen our documentary????

YAPPARI HIPHOP website produce our documentary wit english subtitle!!!!!

just check it↓around 10 minutes!!!!

Big shout out to YAPPARI HIPHOP !!!! akkee!!!!


rest in power Whitney houston

i cant choose one my favorite coz a lot...

the song reminds me of my dance class when i was young.

Ucca's favorite i guess

hello new week;)


the worst year so far

my ppl say to me “u always full of energy!!!”

yes im always full of energy n smile


im like full of tears

im very strong woman u already know so i dont get depressed by small thing

i try to make smile when i c my friend n our music fan
even if i feel sad n angry...



im in my room n dont make smile...
i just sit my chair n not feel like doing anything
so writing blog

ive got many issues since new year


bad news kept coming...

someone hurts my feelings

someone cheat me on big money

i trust ppl easily??? dont think so.
trust is my huge motto.
we cant do anything without trust. rite??? so i wanna trust my ppl.
sometime my close ppl betray me so i gotta doubt ppl do.
thats what i DONT want.

i dont even know if i should tell the truth to the person for protecting myself
coz gonna be over if i do so..

i just wanna work out...

oh it mite be endless post if i write everything..hehe


bad things is not gonna come from now coz the worst time has past!

i think this is the sign that Big n Good news will come to me.

i believe so i work hard today too.

be positive tomoko!!

dont forget my job is making ppl smile by our music!!!

p.s. i dont want my japanese music fan to worry me so i post here.


DCH Studio

me n Ucca went to DCH Studio in Shibuya

He is super great engineer Gregory who work here↓
wow he is wearing 1MPD n a MIC T-shirt!!!yay!!

he has been living in tokyo only for 8 years 
but his japanese is perfect like native japanese!!!
smart man is here~

im taking picture of Ucca;) can u c me??↓


Ucca is taking picture of me lol↓

here is the info of the studio↓

thanks for good energy Greg!!!!