music i wanna make is...

hello hello hello~~~

1week no post
i sometimes dont let u guys know "new post”on FB  like the last post 
so check it whenever u can.
i post at my pace like once a week:P


Green Street mentioned us for their interview!!!

some  of our music fan ask me about Green Street when they came to Tokyo!

they r picked XXL magazine so gettin famous for the scene:)

plz check them!!!!


my boy Emjae also introduced us to everyone for his website!!!!

he is so professional n has great heart!!!!
 connect wit lots of big artist!!!

thanks a lot!!!!! we love you guys!!!!!!!

☆new info☆

finally people who live out of japan can get our album on itunes from 2.22!!!
plz spread ur friends;)

me n ucca have been making music a lot.
its like 3songs a week.
sometime cant make music what we image.
we r not music making machine so always hard more than u guys think.

music is like gift…
i mean
i cant make good one even if i take loooong time.
also the track gonna be garbage if i try when im not in a mood for makin music…


i know i gotta out if i cant focus. 
we need party lol yay!!! 
so plz let me know if u know some good party in Tokyo:)

i lack of meeting ppl recently...i think.
ppl give us good energy 


music i really wanna make is sampling music…
i talk about only technical part.lol sorry

u guys already know we have been working wit major label.
my A&R told me its hard to clear sample source.
label ppl gonna say ok if i chopped a lot n nobody realized that i sample.


my opinion is..

its not cool chopping the sample a lot.
thats only my opinion.

thats ok if its remix thing but basically i cant say thats cool.

thats why i always look for good phrase from many music.

synth beat is cool as well.
i love soooooo much synth sound coz i can feel tite n stay aggressive.

sampling music is warmer so i can listen for good♪

what type of music u wanna make? or listen??


  1. Hello Tomoko san, This is one of your fans who immediately fell in to your sound when they're heard. If I was allowed to suggest you, would you consider "replaying" the sound ? Chopping and flipping sample sources like Primo is cool and I love it but that limits the length of groove which might not be fitting every time if you are making vocal oriented song, but if it's hard to use certain length of sample sources like 4 bars, how about replaying/reproducing the sound by yourself ? I know it's not same but what you want is the groove, so if you can obtain the groove you wanted from the source, and replay it, may be it's ok at the end ? I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with the "rights" about the case of "replaying" instead of "sampling", but perhaps worth considering, I thought.
    When I heard your sound first time, I felt like listening to my favourite type of R&B back in 90's, and that doesn't mean I was knowing what the sample sources were. I was just appreciating the groove you have made. Perhaps you can sample and hide it by filtering out and add your playing to supply the groove onto it. Sample source will not be at a hearable level but groove is kept by adding your playing.
    May be it works if the source was not too famous.

    A fan of your sounds.

    1. thanks for ur idea:)
      yeah replaying is good way n sometimes i do for easy sounds♪hehe
      just easy one lol
      n ive thought about replaying free from sampling right.
      almost all my friend may think so too.
      but my A&R told me that basically replaying is still not ok if i express sampling source perfectly.
      i didnt know that is real rule.
      what i want by sampling is old sounds or live recording sounds like cant express by my machine..
      and also groove as u know:)
      In either case,i gotta clear the sample rite if i wanna release music from major label.
      independent label is good for our music actually lol

      anyway thanks for checking our music!!!!
      im so happy i got a fan of my sounds:p

  2. hi!!!tomokosan!!!!

    i wanna make both sampling beats n synth beats , or beats that mix sampling n synth!!
    n i want u to make sampling song like "HOW WE RULE" again!!

    destroy these problems cuz "HOW WE RULE" is ur swag rite!!???
    but i like ur cool n dope beats anyway lol

    talk about this topic when we meet!!!!

    i cant express what i think in english , im sorry!!!
    teach me english!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. IZZY!!!
      i totally understand what u think! what u wanna say in english!!

      u really know me!haha
      sampling n synth sounds like "HOW WE RULE" is my swag;p haha
      u want me to make like "HOW WE RULE” shit!!?????
      ok ok ok
      though i dont know if it will release,we hav new one like that shit ;p