we had show last nite.
its for promoting our new EP coz will out next Wed!

from Kiwamu Omae instagram

yeah its really nice party but wanna talk bout only our show honestly.

we could hav not imaged how ppl gonna react coz nobody knows our new songs.
and its the first time to perform slow song in nite club.
the song is #5 Dear my Fear.
theme is“fear”so totally not for nite club but we hav thought we gotta do n tell our ppl how we have felt for last 10months. the song i really want u guys to listen n understand. Mecca helped us for english line as usual;)

beautiful song n so many massage.the first thing i love the song;)
moreover i have one thing i regret for the song but i dont mention now.
i may can talk about it in 1year.


wanna talk about the show.

i think it was BAD show for us rather than not perfect show.
our music fans r really enjoyed n i understand coz we have performed all new songs.
the point is sound.
cant hear monitor,mic is not clear, stage lightning…actually a lot.
this position is make us look good as u can c the pics↑
but its bad for performing artist.
the nite club has 3 positions we can perform n have done 2 other positions before so we have done all positions.
we could learn which position is the best for a show.


learning learning every time learning !!!

for next show!!!

i wanna thank to everyone who always support us.
our music fan is real music fan i think n im so proud of it.

time to check our songs ;p

dont forget


 on iTunes!!

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