positive girl

i talked wit my girl in ny by skype last nite.

she got artist visa. i think last year?

soooo powerful woman n always make me positive.


there r lots of FAMOUS people who r close to her…cant tell;p haha
i bet she has some strong energy for it.

what we talked last nite is…music,love,life in the future,,,,

same as usual lol


she wakes me up!!!!!

i mean i need to talk wit person who has exactly what they wanna b,what they wanna do..

especially hustle in other countries

i recognized my thinking is so smaller than her thinking.

i used to be like her person but now my mind is getting domestic.

she said“always imagine what u wanna, judge the rite thing n stay positive”

thats soooooo simple but i totally forgot it…

“then people around u”she said…

ive given up like judging negative way easily before i start to do recently.

she let me know the smart way of judging ;)

in the case of her,
sooo many ppl who help,famous artists around her so i think thats the way i gotta do!

she n friends in NY advise me about my dream from big view point

thats why i wake up everytime i talk!!! i dont give a f*ck for small thing ;)

thanks thanks thanks a lot!!!!!

this is beer i miss…called “gangster juice” LMAO  
my friends call so lol
coz so cheap like $2.5 even 40fl oz(1.5L?),8% alcohol n hard to find it in the city lol


  1. this post also gives me positive vibes!!!
    "do what i wanna do n find the way for that" is my motto , too.
    maybe ur situation is more complex than me coz u make a deal with label, so its hard to do anytihng as u like.
    but i think u r happy to have good friend.
    n i wanna meet the person like that in ny!!!

    the only trouble for me is how to get fuckin visa lol
    my passion is so strong but visa interferes with izzy way.

    1. good to hear that IZZY!!!!
      i think u r so positive!!!!
      thats why u smile everytime i c:)

      i dont know how much hard to get visa like student visa,working visa rite now
      coz i got student visa 4years ago so i dont remember lol
      but it depends on the situation.
      u r soooo smart so u can do anyway!!!