im back!!!!

the last post is like real my mind…

i just wanna say thanks to my friends who comment,worry me,call me n text me...

it mite take time to fix my issue so now its time to focus on music.

Dont cry tomoko!!!!!!no more!!!!!cant stop.


i have strong,funny n crazy partner;)

thats why

i believe that i can overcome everything wit my SUPER partner!!!!

im not gonna tell who is…hehe

but u know what i wanna say??

i have lots of friends who can enjoy wit
person who can be wit me n talk to me when i feel sad n bad is a really close partner who i can rely on.

i think…

u have good partner????


have u seen our documentary????

YAPPARI HIPHOP website produce our documentary wit english subtitle!!!!!

just check it↓around 10 minutes!!!!

Big shout out to YAPPARI HIPHOP !!!! akkee!!!!


rest in power Whitney houston

i cant choose one my favorite coz a lot...

the song reminds me of my dance class when i was young.

Ucca's favorite i guess

hello new week;)

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