just wanna c the movie↓

theatre in june.not japan…:(

japanese heads must b interested in this!!

teacher did free style from 02:14↑

“Im not BET or MTV. Im  H I P H O P “ 


its so simple but kris is the only man can say the word ;P


positive girl

i talked wit my girl in ny by skype last nite.

she got artist visa. i think last year?

soooo powerful woman n always make me positive.


there r lots of FAMOUS people who r close to her…cant tell;p haha
i bet she has some strong energy for it.

what we talked last nite is…music,love,life in the future,,,,

same as usual lol


she wakes me up!!!!!

i mean i need to talk wit person who has exactly what they wanna b,what they wanna do..

especially hustle in other countries

i recognized my thinking is so smaller than her thinking.

i used to be like her person but now my mind is getting domestic.

she said“always imagine what u wanna, judge the rite thing n stay positive”

thats soooooo simple but i totally forgot it…

“then people around u”she said…

ive given up like judging negative way easily before i start to do recently.

she let me know the smart way of judging ;)

in the case of her,
sooo many ppl who help,famous artists around her so i think thats the way i gotta do!

she n friends in NY advise me about my dream from big view point

thats why i wake up everytime i talk!!! i dont give a f*ck for small thing ;)

thanks thanks thanks a lot!!!!!

this is beer i miss…called “gangster juice” LMAO  
my friends call so lol
coz so cheap like $2.5 even 40fl oz(1.5L?),8% alcohol n hard to find it in the city lol