i have a great friend who always gives some power to me n let me recognize who i am.

this friend is MeccaGodZilla. 
we met a bar in NY through my friend.

he found my beat making skill coz i have not had any confidence for my beats till i met him even i did my best everytime for making.

actually its so hard to introduce myself as a beat maker while ive lived in ny 
coz im not look like beat maker??? 
sometime ppl dont trust me that im a beat maker...just a girl...

in the early life in ny is like that…

but Mecca is different. he made me trust my beat making skill when i let him hear my beat.
this is the big point.
i got confidence by his some words. dont know why his words is so strong n trustable.

i asked him a lot about music business like copyright,publishing while ive worked other rappers in ny
coz i really dont know about it n couldnt trust the rapper lol 
so i asked him a lot.
he helped me a lot.

he has lived in Tokyo after i moved back from ny to tokyo.

he asked me “can u make beats like ・・・” its like executive producer :) 

i have not had job n not started @djtomoko n Ucca-Laugh then
so i made some beats for him.

this is the one “ALL LOVE” great memory…
me n Ucca r look soooooo young even around 3years ago lol

we love all ppl who come up this video<3

Mecca has lots of friends here in Tokyo n also NY.
you gotta know his personality n  how he is activist :)

i really respect him.

this no future,this no past, its only right now by MeccaGodZilla

love that.