i saw the pic on FB.

dancing has changed like that but japanese style is still 80’i think↑lol

dancing situation is really really important for me like sleeping situation lmao

no joke no joke

attractive n sexy guy for me is good at moving to music.

moving is sooooo important ;)

im not talkin bout technique..

u can c real Tomoko in the US;) i move a lot!!!!

can u guess hows gonna change dancing style in future??

everyone mite b naked in 20 or 30 years ??? LMAO


born day of Ucca-Laugh

Happy Birthday my funny n crazy n sleepy girl Ucca-Laugh!!!!!!

ucca is my business partner also really close friend like real sister;)


she was like a sticker when i met her two years ago lol
u know what ???

she has called me n text me a lot n spent half a year to work wit me even ive not replay much.

i just wanted to do what i gotta do so ive not care what she said,what she want.
not felt her anything cuz she was like just party girl n just followed me lol



she didnt give me up n just followed me like sticker.

she used to b “Ucca-Sticker” lmao


i moved when she got angry first time.
i thought
"WOW where the STRONG power come from???
so scary but she has something.”

actually i was so excited then

i could know if i can keep the relationship when i argue the first time.
no matter who boy or girl.


i dont know how many times we argued lol

its a proof we really close.

i feel she is soooo tough and her mind is flexible.thats positive mean.


she has strong heart more than me.

i think im sensitive n fragile more than her. i realized that recently:)

she will b gooooooood mam in the future:p

the most Ucca-Laugh thing is(←i dont even know that mean lol)

her laughing makes everyone happy!!!!!
make u happy!!!!!
make me happy!!!!!

i wanna say 

HAPPY BIRTH DAY to Ucca-Laugh 

by big voice


last year

i couldnt celebrate her birthday loudly coz of 3.11 big earthquake

Tokyo was not in the mood for celebrating some…

stop shaking earth!!! Japan:(!!!! u did today too!!!!!

Ucca gonna get angry again LMAO

everyone wanna celebrate her birthday rite???

come to Shibuya microcosmos 3.24:p we hav show!!!!yay!!!

↓this is made by waveform.
i just came up the idea coz always face the display lol


feel long

i have had problem since this year…

u know it if u read the blog cuz i mentioned jus lil.

i have yelled a lot on facebook…sorry for making u worry


last nite fixed everything.

it took like a few month but i felt loooong coz really painful…

painful days feel long

i could learn a lot from the issue.

my thinkin is

ppl can change no matter the person did wrong thing

everyone has great heart even if its not appear for their face cuz of human

so ive tried to work out by heart to heart not ask lawyer

i will think the person is not human if its not work out.

oh i gotta stop writing about it…

finally i could know the persons real mind


now im soooooooooo genki;)

wanna make strong beats but this week is ballad week. omg lol

im real tomoko now!!!!!!