Golden Week was just over yesterday…

G.W. is like long vacation that come every May in JP 

but i dont like GW 

ummmmm i hate that coz nothing special for a few years…lol


but me n ucca had great GW though it was like usual weekend;)

actually Kalae All Day made supper happy GW for us!!!!

↓she made these accessories!!! thats real cassette tape!!!

u wanna know who she is ????

she is talented rapper,singer n soooooo lady<3 haha

i like we do girls talk ;) 
coz can b close fried if i talk love thing wit foreign friend!!!

me n Ucca love her personality a lot coz of nature smile n RALLY GIRL!!!!

girls talk has no border!!! hehe

we introduce her to everyone last nite on Ustream show!!

Video streaming by Ustream

check from 01:02:15
u will know how Kalae is cute!!!!!!!

last nite 
Unique Viewers was: 2,760
Total Views: 7,432

amazing!!!!! keep checking our show;)


have u checked Harakiri Magazine ????

its the first interview in spanish n 6 PAGES!!!! 

my japanese friend were sooooooo surprised about it!!!!

really appreciate it

thanks Miguel n SayPhhat!!!!

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