feel long

i have had problem since this year…

u know it if u read the blog cuz i mentioned jus lil.

i have yelled a lot on facebook…sorry for making u worry


last nite fixed everything.

it took like a few month but i felt loooong coz really painful…

painful days feel long

i could learn a lot from the issue.

my thinkin is

ppl can change no matter the person did wrong thing

everyone has great heart even if its not appear for their face cuz of human

so ive tried to work out by heart to heart not ask lawyer

i will think the person is not human if its not work out.

oh i gotta stop writing about it…

finally i could know the persons real mind


now im soooooooooo genki;)

wanna make strong beats but this week is ballad week. omg lol

im real tomoko now!!!!!!


  1. thats good!!
    i think ur personality makes everything alright!!
    n so there are a lot of ppl who worry n encourage u when u feel blue!!!
    anyway,its better there is no ppl who are not happy!!!!desuyone!!??

    1. IZZY!!! thank u sooooo much!!! ur personality make us happy too!!!
      me n ucca always talk about u every time we c u:)
      thanks a lot!!!!

  2. I'm really glad to hear that your problems were all fixed.
    I'm looking forward to your new beats and our crew really want to invite you to Shozuoka again. So please keep your beautiful smile on and make many wonderful beats.

    1. U-SKE!!! we really would like to c shizuoka friends!!!!!
      yes! we gotta keep doing our thing hard!!!
      now time to argue wit major label lol