music i wanna make is...

hello hello hello~~~

1week no post
i sometimes dont let u guys know "new post”on FB  like the last post 
so check it whenever u can.
i post at my pace like once a week:P


Green Street mentioned us for their interview!!!

some  of our music fan ask me about Green Street when they came to Tokyo!

they r picked XXL magazine so gettin famous for the scene:)

plz check them!!!!


my boy Emjae also introduced us to everyone for his website!!!!

he is so professional n has great heart!!!!
 connect wit lots of big artist!!!

thanks a lot!!!!! we love you guys!!!!!!!

☆new info☆

finally people who live out of japan can get our album on itunes from 2.22!!!
plz spread ur friends;)

me n ucca have been making music a lot.
its like 3songs a week.
sometime cant make music what we image.
we r not music making machine so always hard more than u guys think.

music is like gift…
i mean
i cant make good one even if i take loooong time.
also the track gonna be garbage if i try when im not in a mood for makin music…


i know i gotta out if i cant focus. 
we need party lol yay!!! 
so plz let me know if u know some good party in Tokyo:)

i lack of meeting ppl recently...i think.
ppl give us good energy 


music i really wanna make is sampling music…
i talk about only technical part.lol sorry

u guys already know we have been working wit major label.
my A&R told me its hard to clear sample source.
label ppl gonna say ok if i chopped a lot n nobody realized that i sample.


my opinion is..

its not cool chopping the sample a lot.
thats only my opinion.

thats ok if its remix thing but basically i cant say thats cool.

thats why i always look for good phrase from many music.

synth beat is cool as well.
i love soooooo much synth sound coz i can feel tite n stay aggressive.

sampling music is warmer so i can listen for good♪

what type of music u wanna make? or listen??


rite thing

ive done the rite thing!!!!

i could know that today.


im 100% rite n my ppl understand my situation so i feel better than b4!!!

lots of small lie make big lie then u cant sop lying


justice will come out soon

someone say on twitter b4

mite be

DJ Scratch ...

he say

“the best revenge is success “

thats sooooooo true!!!!!!!

i will !!!!!!

i can do it!!!!!!!

c what i gonna do!!!

c what i gonna b!!!!!



im back!!!!

the last post is like real my mind…

i just wanna say thanks to my friends who comment,worry me,call me n text me...

it mite take time to fix my issue so now its time to focus on music.

Dont cry tomoko!!!!!!no more!!!!!cant stop.


i have strong,funny n crazy partner;)

thats why

i believe that i can overcome everything wit my SUPER partner!!!!

im not gonna tell who is…hehe

but u know what i wanna say??

i have lots of friends who can enjoy wit
person who can be wit me n talk to me when i feel sad n bad is a really close partner who i can rely on.

i think…

u have good partner????


have u seen our documentary????

YAPPARI HIPHOP website produce our documentary wit english subtitle!!!!!

just check it↓around 10 minutes!!!!

Big shout out to YAPPARI HIPHOP !!!! akkee!!!!


rest in power Whitney houston

i cant choose one my favorite coz a lot...

the song reminds me of my dance class when i was young.

Ucca's favorite i guess

hello new week;)


the worst year so far

my ppl say to me “u always full of energy!!!”

yes im always full of energy n smile


im like full of tears

im very strong woman u already know so i dont get depressed by small thing

i try to make smile when i c my friend n our music fan
even if i feel sad n angry...



im in my room n dont make smile...
i just sit my chair n not feel like doing anything
so writing blog

ive got many issues since new year


bad news kept coming...

someone hurts my feelings

someone cheat me on big money

i trust ppl easily??? dont think so.
trust is my huge motto.
we cant do anything without trust. rite??? so i wanna trust my ppl.
sometime my close ppl betray me so i gotta doubt ppl do.
thats what i DONT want.

i dont even know if i should tell the truth to the person for protecting myself
coz gonna be over if i do so..

i just wanna work out...

oh it mite be endless post if i write everything..hehe


bad things is not gonna come from now coz the worst time has past!

i think this is the sign that Big n Good news will come to me.

i believe so i work hard today too.

be positive tomoko!!

dont forget my job is making ppl smile by our music!!!

p.s. i dont want my japanese music fan to worry me so i post here.


DCH Studio

me n Ucca went to DCH Studio in Shibuya

He is super great engineer Gregory who work here↓
wow he is wearing 1MPD n a MIC T-shirt!!!yay!!

he has been living in tokyo only for 8 years 
but his japanese is perfect like native japanese!!!
smart man is here~

im taking picture of Ucca;) can u c me??↓


Ucca is taking picture of me lol↓

here is the info of the studio↓

thanks for good energy Greg!!!!