need HUG??

just see it first↓


ive never known this service before. (the news is last july.)
$60 for 60minutes hugging in the bed.

what u think about the service??  its expensive or not????

of course u should put ur clothes on!!no sex!!

i wonder the business is good coz hug is usual in the US.

connecting with the news…

we just released new single “HUG”↓

The target for the song is japanese,especially japanese woman:)
so focused on japanese culture for HUG.

basically almost all japanese dont hug when they meet on a street or party wherever…
bow n shaking hands..thats it!!! so HUG is lil special here in JP.

actually me n Ucca hug with close friends everytime we c :)
just like bow.


this situation of our song is an unexpected n deep hug.

it mentioned that 
"HUG is like medicine n better than any words when woman feels depressed "

boys!!! trust the words!!!

for my experience,
my friend just hugged me n calm down my feelings when ive got sooo many issues.
just said  “OK. gonna b OK”to me n hugged long time.
i dont know why i couldn't stop crying like baby but got rid of my stress after that.

here is the link. check it


3.13 will b out our new EP include the song!!!!

c u soon:)