we hav lots of things to think about our ustream show since our show renewed .

our show is produced by me n Ucca as u know.

like organizing,editing a movie,setting up equipment and fashion...


actually we need help but we really enjoy it.

my girl Aya hav been helping us for hair make n choosing uniform from the last time.

we met her through our AnR when we shot music video.
then we became close friend coz we hav so many common i think;)

what i like her is...
she let us recognize who we r!!
its not only fashion but also what we want to be as an artist.


today i wanna talk bout followers!!

everyone mite do twitter,instagram…whatever…

ive been thinking it doesnt matter how much followers we hav.

how connect wit followers n artist.


followers of me n ucca r not big…



artist who hav over 10000 followers always get iTunes hiphop top10 chart??


artist who hav over 10000 followers always get 5000 total viewers on ustream??


only 20% or 30% of the followers r real fan of the artist????

i sometime check itunes top chart for japan but i always wonder it.

we have only around 1800 followers so far

but we r so close to our followers so we could get top chart n viewers r getting big on ustream.

i think 90% of our followers r real friends n our music fan;)

thats happy for us!!!!

u know 

Hirano who is one of pioneer for social media like Ustream n Twitter in Japan
called that “Love level”

so i can say 
“love level between tomoucca n our followers is high"

i will try to get real follower lil by lil ;p


  1. u have a lot of followers who give love!!
    i can see it through ur RT ^-^
    i think that love comes from ur frank n honest tweetin.

    n i am lover of ur tweet nantene lol
    especially i like ur english tweetin!!!!!!!!!

    1. yeah i love i tweet in English too lol
      but frank n so weird tweet like broken english coz of drunk LMAO

      so make me drunk if u wanna talk wit me in english;)