me n ucca hav been making our next album for 6months…

u think its long??or only 6 month yet???

honest wit only u guys who check my blog.

our album is supposed to b released in July

ummmm..? oh still May lol

ill explain the flow of releasing

like this↓

meeting in March → release in July
meeting in April → release in August
meeting in May → release in September
meeting in June → release in October

big meeting is 4month before of release month

so it takes 4months to complete.

i dont know bout other major label but its normal??

back to our situation..

we should hav made BOMB song till first week of March if we wanna release in July.

actually so many good songs we made!!!! i think we did.


label told us

"making one BOMB song is better than making lots of good songs.
its the smartest way of leading to promote."

so planning has changed.

i heard that CD really dont sale in August.
(the case is only japan?? coz of vacation in summer called Obon???)

we really didnt care about meeting in April.lol

then we kept making songs again.

we have tried to make BOMB song soooo hard till the meeting in May coz wanna release in Sep.

but we couldnt the one our AnR think BOMB even if we think its BOMB.

my heart was full of stress..

i hav thought that he mite not say “YES” if we made 100 songs..

he asks too much like

no sampling,
make eroticism song,
not too new,
tomoucca way,


sometime doesnt make sense..


my friend who used to b a major artist email me

“u guys r sooo free more than other major artist coz so hard n so tied while i hav contract.u n ucca hav ability to make BOMB!! thats why ur AnR ask u guys."

i realized again

yes we r soooo freedom n our AnR is asking normal..


we talked to him

“so how about releasing in October??"

next BIG meeting is June 6..

i hope its going well

good luck to us;)


  1. I found this post very interesting. I'll start working on my first selfproduced album soon so it's so inspirational and interesting for me to know the day-by-day feelings about your own work as major artist. Thanks for share :)

    1. good to hear;)
      cant wait ur album! do ur best Ke1:)
      and im so interested in music business in Spain.

  2. I couldn't get to talk to u the other nite @ night park but now I know da situation... Well, cheer up sista! I know its stressful but we gon wait even if its 1yr later or 2yrs later!! Don't rush baby, da love ain't going nowhere LOL!!

    1. yay yay!!!!!
      yeah u r real!!!
      i remember ur tweet like ”i like tomoucca..but basically i love tomoucca music”
      thats what i wanna get.
      i really happy for it;) thanks always!!!

  3. i didn't know you were putted in this situation.Objectively,the early 21st century is putted in turning point like jazz from '60 to '70.Time repeat like this history.People may think you're too new music.This point is necessary on art.i love your song. In my case,the reason is not too new but too energetic!!! It makes me energetic.Thanks to your song,i'm able to open my heart.the way is drawing ,making,dressing up n singing. From the bottom of my heart i send you my support.Hold out!→Hang in there! →Good luck!%〜

    1. thanks Rayca!!!
      i really happy to know that u think our music is energetic;)
      i think we can announce good news to u guys soon!!
      i cant wait to spread it !!
      wait for lil <3