the worst year so far

my ppl say to me “u always full of energy!!!”

yes im always full of energy n smile


im like full of tears

im very strong woman u already know so i dont get depressed by small thing

i try to make smile when i c my friend n our music fan
even if i feel sad n angry...



im in my room n dont make smile...
i just sit my chair n not feel like doing anything
so writing blog

ive got many issues since new year


bad news kept coming...

someone hurts my feelings

someone cheat me on big money

i trust ppl easily??? dont think so.
trust is my huge motto.
we cant do anything without trust. rite??? so i wanna trust my ppl.
sometime my close ppl betray me so i gotta doubt ppl do.
thats what i DONT want.

i dont even know if i should tell the truth to the person for protecting myself
coz gonna be over if i do so..

i just wanna work out...

oh it mite be endless post if i write everything..hehe


bad things is not gonna come from now coz the worst time has past!

i think this is the sign that Big n Good news will come to me.

i believe so i work hard today too.

be positive tomoko!!

dont forget my job is making ppl smile by our music!!!

p.s. i dont want my japanese music fan to worry me so i post here.


  1. You are women who has beautiful smile. Don't give up! Don't be depressed.
    The life is fun coz we can enjoy good and bad things both.
    Keep going Tomoko!!
    -junsik Moon-

    1. thank u junsik!!
      bad things came at the same time…so i just couldnt stand for it.
      im ok now:)

  2. thank you for sharing this Tomoko chan.. I will have something useful that can help you when i see you later this month! just hold on sista and don't change that wondeful heart that you have... you have a very kind heart. Plus you know me... kaiju dayo.. I always offer to crush people for u. I dont mind crushing bad people.. just let me know ;-)

    1. thanks mecca.i still dont know the solution of it…
      i havnt done anythin for 2 days…so hard…
      ill never give up even if my ppl betray n hurt me.
      thats hiphop mind!!
      i gotta email to u so talk to u later!!

  3. Are u ok?
    talk to me.call me anytime.

  4. anyway i love ur beat n personality!!!!!

    1. thanks IZZY…u gave me confidence.
      thanks always!!!

  5. I guess I shouldn't write comment in this form because I'm one of your japanese fan.But are you really OK? I don't know what happend to you,but I think you should take a proper action for solving your problem if it is a big problem for you.Don't you?
    And your strong point lies in not only your positive personality but also many wonderful beats you make.So I think you'll be able to get many chances whenever you want.
    I also think good news comes after bad accident.So be positive and never give up until good things come to you.

    1. U-SKE!!
      thank u for ur kindness.
      i still cry everyday like my ny life u already know.
      i cant do anything,but i just know the truth.
      it may take long time for solving…so i gotta c my bright future.