new blog

yay yay yay

started new blog for english speaker;)
i have thought about doing english blog for long coz i hav lots of friends who understand only english.
check my profile if u dont know me;)

actually i already hav japanese blog
but ill post my thinking of music business in JP,friend ship,love…whatever
ill mention honestly for the blog.

u know why i started? wanna talk about real things.

coz i cant post real talk for japanese blog lol

first post is

…no idea lol

so about magazine!!

u can c us Ollie magazine for january↓
here is my girl DJSARASA n COMA-CHI too;)

we drop first album last november so got so many interview for magazine n website last year

this is the first time i showed my room to everyone:)↓from GROOVE magazine
i still live here n nothing change lmao

interview in 2011.some of our interview for magazine n free paper;)↓

n u can check Japan times !!

last year was soooooooooo damn great!!!!
so we wiil working hard for next stage;))


this blog is...

like training for using english;) feel like emailing to my friends in NY,ATL:p yay

p.s. my blog title is sampled by my crazy girl Ucca-Laugh Blog


  1. Nice beats!

    I heard about you guys from a Japanese friend of mine who's a DJ in Shibuya.

  2. wow who's the dj??
    Btw thanks for letting me know about it;)

  3. im looking forward it!!
    take it izzy lol

    1. hehe IZZY!!
      thanks! actually i hav lots of things to write lol