cant stop watching

after first post,
seems like japanese friends who understand english expect me to leak something …lol

im not gonna tell easily :p
but lil by lil.hehe

we had show last saturday at Microcosmos in shibuya tokyo.
always good time at there;)
"Microcosmos parties have some of the most beautiful and down to earth females you’ll find in Shibuya.”my friend said on her blog.

thats soooo true!!!!!

so plz come to c us next time;) n u can find beautiful girl lol

next show at microcosms is March 24th !!

hav u ever seen “Shit ◯◯ say”movie on youtube ???

its sooooo funny!!!

everyone should check it;p

↓Shit Asian Girls Say

Nooooooooo!!!!lmao!!! im not like that!!!

uhh...but i think the girl is typical asian woman..hmm...70% true lol

but but but
i dont care bout academic background,company for my boyfriend.
i dont care if he is rich as well.

u know what?
i would not love hiphop culture if i were like that girl.


↓Shit Black Guys Say

actually i hav lots of chance to talk to black guys more than black girls,white guys n girls…

almost all asian girl who love hiphop mite feel same way


i hav experience like from 1:09 lol

so next time i may post about it:)

↓Shit Black Girls Say 2

my boy Phill Wade come out a few times as GUEST STAR!!!!

i cant stop watching n laughing !!!! lmao!!!

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